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This stunning glass sculpture is one in a new series I call my 'Aperture' series.  The flow and movement of this piece are influenced by the incredible corals and sea life that I'm surrounded by in my hometown in Florida.


This piece is a standing sculpture with and has a dusty blue center that blends out to sky blue edges.  It has a matte black back which causes each hole (or aperture) on the front of the piece to be highlighted in the center with black.  The process used to make the voids in this art glass is very unique and involves disturbing the surface tension of the glass during the firing process.  Because of the complexity of the process, no two pieces are ever the same - each piece is a true original.  Each one is fired in my kiln at least twice, for a total of over 24 to 36 hours.


This glass art is approximately 12" in diameter.  When placed in the included stand, it sits at approximately 14" in height.  The black stand is my original design and is hand-forged from wrought iron by a local metalsmith.  It is about 5 1/2" deep and 14" wide.  The stands are powder coated for long life.  As an alternative, this piece can be fitted with hardware to hang on your wall. 


Glass is extremely difficult to photograph. I try my best to capture the true color of each piece, but as monitors differ, so does the look of the glass. If you have any questions regarding the color (or anything about my work) please don't hesitate to contact me!

Blue Ombre